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So How Does This Hose Holder Work?

This hose holder can be mounted several different ways, in a variety of settings. Using galvalum metal pipe and fittings, your WashWrack can be mounted inside a barn, outdoors on a wooden or metal post, in shop areas, and on driveways to name a few options for your hose holder.

All About Making Your Clean-Up a Snap

As a hose holder, the WashWrack can't be beat. It provides a galvalum pipe shell, getting your hose off the ground, and suspended over your head. You are now able to cover approximately a 200 degree radius with your utility washer. There are also many ways you can mount your hose holder.

We Can Custom Build Your WashWrack For Your Needs!

At Possum Corner Products, we can Custom Build a WashWrack to meet your particular needs. You may be washing Big Rigs, and need a 15 foot height with a 10 foot boom. Whatever the case is where you live, work, or play, let us make cleaning up a pleasure for you with this unique over head hose holder. Contact us at, contact@possumcorner.com, and let's get going on your WashWrack!

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