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The WashWrack as One of Your Horse Grooming Supplies!

Your horse grooming supplies should include the WashWrack. It solves many of the age-old pains involved with getting your horse cleaned up. Don't you just hate it when "Skip" steps on the hose, every time you try to move?!?! No more of that. The WashWrack gets the hose up, and out of your way. How many other horse grooming supplies or horse washing accessories do something that useful?

No More Horses Stepping on the Hose!

And speaking of horse grooming supplies, what about having to drag that hose from one side of your horse to the other ten thousand times, while you're trying to carry other horse washing accessories with you?!?! The WashWrack makes it a snap to go from side to side around your horse. Just push the hose in the direction you want it to go, and the arm will swing over that way, and wait for you. This horse washer definately makes your other horse grooming supplies so much easier to use.

Horse Hooves Don't Step on the WashWrack!

Your search for horse grooming supplies may have been for trail riding horse equipment tack gear. Or maybe you were looking for horse shoeing equipment. The Internet's funny that way, isn't it? However you landed here, so add our wash stand to your list of horse grooming supplies!

Great Addition to Your Horse Grooming Supplies

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